Tim Ferris On Being A Jack Of All Trades

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I love this post by Tim Ferris: The Top 5 Reasons To Be  A Jack Of All Trades.

I used to feel badly that I had so many interests. Now, I see it as my strength and try to find the driving force behind my interests. For instance, I am passionate about costumes, sewing, fashion, paper arts, collage, digital art, photography, jewelry design, home decor, upcycling, vintage, art… The list goes on, but I’ve realized that the driving force of these is a visual experience of the world with a magpie spirit. I’m a collector, connector, and creator.

vintage plate and needlepoint

French Thrift Store Finds

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I went to the local thrift store yesterday and got new goodies. I’m so lucky to live in France within driving distance of quite a few thrift stores and monthly flea markets. All of this only cost me 12.50 euros! The cotton twine alone is worth way more than that. I thought I’d play around with recording each of my thrift and flea market finds. These little pairings give me ideas for future little vignettes. These little pieces will make their way into new still lifes, displays, pillows, clothing upcycles, etc.



Happy Mail

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I’ve recently been bitten by the Snail Mail Revolution or also known as the Happy Mail movement. Actually, back before the internet (yeah, I’m that old!) I wrote letters frequently and often included creative elements and used creative hand-made envelopes. Since the internet and social media though, I have sent very few letters. So, how did I suddenly get the bug again? I love creating tags and wrapping presents. It’s a great opportunity to create a temporary little piece of art intended for an audience of one. After Christmas, I found myself wanting to create tags and gifts regularly. I’m an avid Pinterest user (I swear, Pinterest is an extension of my brain.) and somehow I tuned into the whole snail mail movement. It was instant love. Do searches on Pinterest for Happy Mail and Snail Mail if you are interested.  You may also want to check out some of my boards such as: The Art of Snail Mail.

So, this is my first attempt at Happy Mail. I decided to send my mom, who is a great letter-writer, a package with:

  • Tags made from my Gelli monoprints and vintage elements.
  • 6″x6″ papers that I made from a monoprint, vintage French ledger paper, vintage French wallpaper.
  • Lots of little collage elements for her to play with.
  • An envelope out of a Gelli monoprint to hold the tags and papers.
  • A little glassine package for the collage elements with tags and ribbon.
  • Photographs of myself that my mom wanted.
  • Letter made with stationary that I designed.

By the way, the last two images I took hand-held with my iPhone. Really need to take product photos with my Canon! Big quality difference.